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Jewish riots and pogroms under Tsarist rule, Weismann had moved to England. Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud was an Emir in central Arabia. Europe, and even more so, in the Middle East. The Agreement was, by the end of the war, irrelevant. The Roots Of Muslim Rage.

Saud, better known in the West as Ibn Saud, threatened to overrun the Hijaz. But as always, the final result would be decided not by a scrap of paper but by the unpredictable fortunes of war, and, in the end, the Greek Army was defeated by the new Turkish state.

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The single motive uniting all of the makers of the Declaration was the desire to harness Jewish support for the war effort, particularly in Russia and the USA. Zionist or even welcome them into the area. Today, we still hear this fear from the United States. Allies by an appeal to their nationalist identities. Opportunity of the Century?


The United States has become a little more confident in its policy towards Syria since Russia decided to intervene there.


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