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Save all correspondence with any service providers or other individuals you deal with. Staged collisions put innocent drivers at risk and contribute to higher insurance premiums. It also contracts some operations out to independent service providers. Is it illegal to not report an accident? Please provide your contact information below to find out more.

All persons depicted in a photo or video are actors or models and not clients of any firm. Have the name and badge of the reporting office if there was one. Be careful to avoid traffic when moving your vehicle or exiting from it. The TPS asked for a list of officer names. Can I have my address information personal safety reasons?

You will then be asked to return to your vehicle until a staff member comes out to greet you. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. CVT gearbox or a manual transmission. Michelin, Continental, Cooper, and Pirelli. You will not be charged a fee if your report is unavailable.

Reporting Centres, because of their affiliation with the insurance industry, have had considerable success in reducing the average number of days required in the preliminary handling of claims.

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  • That is not true. Host SAPS officer told The Star the officers at his police station had been ordered by the JMPD to fine the motorists before opening an accident report.

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