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Chiropractic Terms And Definitions

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NRS 634010 Definitions As used in this chapter unless the context otherwise requires the words and terms defined in NRS 634012 to 63401 inclusive. PDF Background Chiropractors use words and phrases in unique ways to express. Common Chiropractic Words Terms and Definitions.


2 The terms chiropractic doctor of chiropractic chiropractor and chiropractic physician are synonymous and mean a practitioner of chiropractic as. 7 Practice of chiropractic--The description and terms set forth under Texas. Is chiropractic worth the money?

Inflected forms chiropractics noun plural Rhyming Words for chiropractic Rhymes for chiropractic Definitions and Meaning of chiropractic in English. Five chiropractic terms were selected subluxation adjustment vital ismistic. Chiropractor Meaning Pronunciation Word World YouTube.

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Chiropractic Comes from the Greek words chiro meaning hand and practic meaning practice or treatment Chiropractic is a form of health care that focuses. A chiropractic adjustment is used by chiropractors to treat back pain and neck pain. 2011-2012 Bill 745 Definitions and licensure of chiropractors. Common Chiropractic Terms and Definitions AICA Tucker.


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